10 Tricks To Crack UPSC Civil Services Prelims In Just 60 Days

The UPSC- Indian Civil Service Exam (Prelims) is one of the most important examinations conducted every year that determines the fate of the student seeking a career in prestigious government jobs.We all are aware that revision for civil service examination is considerably important prior to hopping to the new topics. Revision thus must be given ultimate importance in the course of preparation for UPSC examination.
Well, it’s time for students to give a good embrace to the topics they have studied.
Here are some revision tricks that can certainly help students achieve success in the UPSC examination:
1. Revise at least two times prior to UPSC IAS exam:
Enroll into UPSC Coaching Class and outline your studies in a way so that sufficient time is there for revision. It is likewise essential that no topic must be skipped while revising for UPSC Civil Service Exam. Revise the whole lot.

2. Basics need to be strong:
Having a strong knack over the basics is superior to just being aware of the entire UPSC exam Syllabus. Several questions are asked from subjects like Contemporary Issues, Indian History, Geography, Indian Politics, Biodiversity and Environment, etc. Therefore, they should make UPSC preparation in detail. Candidates do have a tendency to ignore prelims since the questions are mostly objective, but the questions are complex and each question seeks to analyze the knowledge of students for UPSC Civil
Services in depth, and thus, equal importance has to be given to the prelims.

3. Solve mock test papers for civil services examination:
Solving former years’ question papers diminishes chances of mistakes in the examination, endows UPSC exam details and escalates accuracy and speed. It delivers the opportunity to attain the hang of time management and have a perfect idea of the civil service exam syllabus. Accordingly, you can choose which section has to be endeavored first.

4. Prepare right notes:
Notes facilitate in revising concepts of Indian Civil Service quickly when a candidate struggles with time; thus, it is sensible to prepare notes particularly on topics which are challenging for you. You can even join UPSC Coaching Classes and prepare notes that help you recall things in a better way.

5. Get acquainted with the UPSC syllabus first
Getting familiarized with the syllabus of UPSC books is the one of the primary and systematic UPSC preparation tips. It provides the right way to your preparation and assists you ward off covering unrelated topics.

6. Selection of UPSC books:
Most of the aspirants get puzzled referring to numerous books available in the market. Make your basics strong with civil service exam books and count on standard book to further go through significant topics.

7. Strategize:
In UPSC Courses general studies paper covers the whole thing. It can be categorized as:

  • Geography: Emphasize on physical geography and maps. Atlas is the perfect guide to assist you with these crucial topics in UPSC exam pattern.
  • General awareness: This talk about various government schemes etc. Going through newspapers and guidebooks will assist you a great deal.
  • History: Focus on Contemporary history, Freedom movement, Ancient India to name a few. A normal history guide generally covers all these topics.
  • Current Affairs: Going through latest worldwide updates of two standard newspapers (one English and the other, maybe a regional language) will keep you well-informed of the contemporary events.
  • CSAT: This covers extensive portion. Understanding, logical reasoning, simple numeracy is to be prepared from standard books.

8. Fresh topic:
Don’t read any fresh topic prior to the UPSC examination.

9. Proper sleep:
All the students must remember that sleep deprivation will lead you nowhere; so, sleep well a night before the UPSC examination and don’t go through any new book.

10. Confidence:
Ultimately, confidence is the route to success in any civil service examination so be high on confidence and never panic during examination.