12 Do’s and Don’ts For Civil Services Aspirant During Lockdown

A sneak peek into civil services aspirant’s day in the contemporary situation must look something like this. Check out the do’s and don’ts to follow during lockdown.

  1. Firstly, harmonize the daily routine to the UPSC exam date plays a vital role. This endows with an insight into the time left and the efforts required. This also aids in making a time table for the remaining days.
  2. Get up early, by around morning 5 AM and makes use of that wonderful few hours to the most prioritized topics.
  3. You must out rightly evade negative distractions that includes Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels all through the preparation.
  4. Set rational targets for the day and try to achieve it by the end.
  5. Also set weekly goals along with revisions.
  6. Do not miss any day of read out contemporary affairs from newspapers to keep updated.
  7. Give daily mocks and effectually examine it at the end and never feel over-excited or let down by the marks attained.
  8. You must effectively remove anxiety through meditation and yoga.
  9. Be positive throughout the day and all through the preparation.
  10. Consume healthy meals and never risk in falling sick.
  11. Be consistent and responsible for themselves.
  12. To double the effect, you ought to be in touch with your mentors, family, trusted friends and professors from UPSC Coaching Classes who would keep you motivated throughout.

Devotion To Duty, Not Just The Results

To summarize everything, assuming that there would not be any harm to the UPSC exam preparations will be immature on your part and slap of withdrawal from reality. It will be appropriate for you to acclimatize and continue your UPSC exam preparation with composure. In the meantime, making every day count until the UPSC prelims without turning into prey to your own desires of snoozing for long hours, involving yourself in entertainment (movies and the like) must be avoided.

An excerpt from Bhagavat Gita says- “Work completed with anxiety about results is far inferior to work done deprived of such anxiety, in the calm of self-surrender. Seek refuge in the knowledge of God. They who work inconsiderately for results are miserable”, which implies what it is truly required of a civil services aspirant now.

In conclusion:

Seemingly, being quarantined and remaining indoors is not a new thing for a UPSC Student, as you would anyways stay “quarantined” as you enter the last round of preparation (that is the last 3 months to prelims). In fact, you should grip the fact that there’s altogether very fewer distraction than there was previously. Moreover, it is the last phase of preparation (regular tests, current affairs, and the revision) which might get affected the most. Provided if you make a good plan for the remaining days, the whole scene will still be a Win-Win situation for you who believe it’s not impossible at all.