5 Best Strategies To Crack AFCAT Exam

Every year, Indian Air Force conducts Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) to give career opportunities to men and women in Indian Air Force. These elite forces can work as Commissioned Officers in Flying, Technical and Ground Duty branches. The test takes place twice a year in February and August/September. AFCAT is a graduate level entrance exam led by the Indian Air Force. Graduates from any stream with Indian citizenship and scoring atleast 60% marks are qualified to apply for the AFCAT exam.

Here are 5 best strategies to crack AFCAT exams:

  1. Know the exam pattern

Having a thorough knowledge of AFCAT exam pattern will not just assist you to make the correct preparation plan but will also aid you in designing the plans for the exam day. You can do this by enrolling yourself in any of the AFCAT Coaching Classes in Thane and areas of Andheri & Borivali in Mumbai.

  1. Go through the syllabus

This is the primary and the most significant strategy for the preparation of any competitive exam. Wisely check the exam syllabus as given by the conducting body and consequently create your plan and fix your routine to attain your goal as as it is greatly said, “A ship is rudderless without the right anchor.” Thus, have an ability and hold on to the subject matter.

  1. Daily reading is must

Make a habit of reading online blogs and everyday newspapers to score well in the GK section. Have access to the web and diverse mobile applications, to go through the day-to-day news and newest updates of national and international happenings. While you read magazines and newspapers, emphasize more on the latest books, follow winners in sports, know more about cities situated at the banks of well-known rivers etc. This will enhance your general knowledge before the exam.


  1. Do not forget the formulae

To score great in mathematics, you ought to remember all the formulae. A fine idea of doing this is to create notes of formulas or designing a chart of the same and referring it for last-minute studies. It will assist you to remember them for longer duration and use well in the examination hall.

  1. Boost reading to attain dexterity in English

To study for the English section, you must at all times read as much as you can. Reader’s Digest, The Times of India and other magazines are some selections to advance your reading for English section. While you are preparing for English, you need to also emphasize on Synonyms and Antonyms.

  1. Solve mock tests and preceding year papers

Checking previous year papers and solving mock tests will speed up your AFCAT preparation. This will not just assist you get an improved understanding of the kinds of questions asked but will also assist you form techniques to crack them quickly. Moreover, online mock tests would prepare you for the computer-based test. By cracking these tests, you can work on your speediness, emphasize on your strengths and therefore be confident and well ready.

Achieving success in any competitive exam is not impossible. You just require the best preparation plan and lot of dedication. The moment you are sorted, you can then plan and study consequently. Follow the above tips and tricks judiciously and upsurge your chances to crack AFCAT exam in the very first attempt. All the best!!