5 tips to clear AFCAT exam

Whenever AFCAT examination approaches the candidates face the dilemma, how to prepare, which all topics to be learned for an exam at the last moment. Well, it’s sort of impossible to clear examination by preparing just a few days before the exam. Below are some tips to ease the aspirants in clearing the examination.

Skip the hard blocks–
Keep your continuity constant and if any hard or confusing questions are encountered, then skip that question, and move to the next one. English, maths and reasoning aptitude are too easy to be solved. But most of the G.K. questions are entangling. So skip them and move to the next question. Try solving it later on, if you save some time.

Calculation and formula specification–
Maths questions in AFCAT examination are quite easy to solve. Questions need quick calculative ability and a bit formula oriented efforts. Initially, maths have very limited syllabus in AFCAT examination and the questions in examinations are also not that hard as compared to that of other defense examinations like CDS or NDA. Your calculative speed in Maths judges your marks consequently.

Negative marking can reduce the marks–
AFCAT examination, like other competitive exams, do have negative marking. If you are trying to mark the non-attempted question by just assuming or answering randomly, then your score will go down. Encircle the questions which are for sure correct from your view. Don’t touch the questions, which are confusing

Verbal and nonverbal questions need keen observation–
Verbal and non-verbal problems can easily increase your marks in AFCAT. Reasoning and English knowledge are amalgamated in verbal questionnaire. While non-verbal abilities require observation. This section is not so hard to crack. Your basic skills and observation is all that can lead you to the next level.

Key scenario of last 4-5 months are essential–
It is the easiest way to get more marks in AFCAT. Getting through the important events and incidents of India and the world are mostly asked in GK section. GK has mostly been a weaker section for most of the candidates. So the candidates must focus on current scenarios as it is easy to a cover and can achieve good marks.

AFCAT candidates needs speed and perfection to get over the cut-off.
Following some simple steps can ease your way to score good marks in examinations. Remember, every single chance is precious for the Armed Forces candidates. So don’t lose your chances to get into the Air Force by doing silly mistakes. The exam requires attention and focus to score more than required cut off marks. Don’t tick wrong answer even when you are falling short of right questions. Just go through the current scenarios of recent 4-5 months to accelerate your preparation. Along with this, the selected candidates also try to attempt sample papers and previous year papers to get a rough idea of the question paper.