6Tips To Crack UPSC IES/ESE 2020

The first phase of UPSC IES/ESE 2020 examination was held a short time ago on the 5th January 2020 and we are certain that all the candidates have performed pretty well in the examination. In the entire situation of prelims planning, do not forget that you still have an obstacle to cross, which is the UPSC Main examination.

Top 6 tips to crack UPSC Exams 2020:

1. Remove all Misconceptions:

There are lots of misbelieves that candidates have about the UPSC mains examination. The first tip before you begin preparing for the main examination is that you need to get rid of all these misbelieves and start your groundwork with a clear and committed state of mind. These misbelieves can be cleared by discussing with your teachers or seniors who have cleared the examination.

Some of these misconceptions are:

Same Syllabus of Mains & Prelims: Again, there is a distinction between the same and similar. The syllabus of the UPSC IES Prelims and Mains is alike but the approach is not the same. While the prelims paper has some understandable topics too in the course outline, the mains are totally based on the technical part of the topic that you have selected for the prelims examination.

The mains examination is very challenging to crack: The mains examination is definitely one of the hardest examinations owing to its technical nature; however, it is not very difficult to clear. Every year students clear the exam, all that required is commitment and the determination to clear the exam and you are good to go.

2. Guidance:

Any information about the UPSC examination is very elaborately accessible on the internet. But what the internet does not give is direction during the preparation stage. For this reason you need UPSC Coaching Classes in Thane, Andheri and Mumbai who can assist you with any problems you face or any direction you need during the preparation.  The Google also offers a common answer, in such occasion you need UPSC Coaching Classes in Thane, Andheri and Mumbai, giving you the right direction.

Thus, guidance from UPSC Coaching Classes will help you and make you positive about your choice.

3. Stay Healthy:

While preparing for the exam and giving your best is necessary, but what is most significant is to stay healthy. By eating vegetables, fruits and staying hydrated, you will choose a healthy way to be fit.

Staying healthy not only assist you in your studies but also gives you peace and let you be happy throughout the preparation.

4. Give up distractions and negative thoughts:

Just like good health improvises your study efforts, distractions have a harmful effect on your preparation. Any distractions like social media, video streaming platforms can act as an interruption in your preparation. The UPSC examination needs a lot of attention and even one distraction or harmful thought can have a bad effect.

To stay optimistic you can also watch inspiring videos of toppers and also TED videos which actually will assist you.

5. Be sure about your goal:

The UPSC examination is a very significant footstep in the journey of the aspirant so stay attentive. You must know why and what you are aiming for. You cannot initiate preparation because the public around you are doing so as this will not actually assist in keeping yourself encouraged. So make sure you are obvious about your aim in life and then start working towards it one step at a time.

6. Reward Yourself:

While there are a bundle of instructions for preparation, one that creates wonder is rewards. When you start to prepare for an exam, you always know that one thing you desire to do once you clear the exam. That is your reward. So instead of such huge rewards, keep cheering yourself with tiny rewards.

All the above instructions will really help you to crack ESE Mains in your preparation. These instructions coupled with hard work dedication and strong confidence will be perfect for your victory.