Important Things to Know Right Before NDA Examination

NDA examination is important for those, who wish to be a part of the Defence forces of India. NDA means National Defence Academy and this examination is carried out by UPSC each year. Union Public Service Commission of India is abbreviated as UPSC. If you want to pass the NDA examination in a good way, you can follow a few tips.

Know how to study

You must learn notes on various topics, and you can explore those topics that appear in the NDA exam syllabus. Confusion can take place if you read any new topic the day just before appearing for the examination without studying the old ones. You really should not become nervous as nervousness can raise your stress levels.

Check your eligibility criteria

The people who are eager to become an army officer, they need to check out particular criterion to take the NDA examination. The criteria involve age, nationality, gender. The male applicants, who have not married, they can appear in the entrance examination of NDA and not girls. You must be a resident of India, Bhutan or Nepal. If you reside in other countries, like Uganda, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam and really want to settle in India permanently, you can apply for this examination. Any candidate born before 2nd July of the year 2000 and 2nd January of the year 2001 is not permitted to sit twice for the NDA examination in 2019. Every individual needs to complete till the 12th standard in school from a recognized university.

A tip

Every candidate needs to study the topics that are given in the NDA examination syllabus prior to starting the preparation. You must not cheat from anyone while giving your examination. Additionally, you should not try to check out the answer sheet of other candidates as if you are caught doing the cheating, you would be penalized. You should be mentally or physically fit to pass your NDA exam. If you have any serious health issues, you would not be picked in the end even if your marks are good.


You must stay careful while filling your OMR sheet considering that any small mistake can reject your OMR sheet and you would not be able to give the NDA examination again. You must stay polite with the examiner and other teachers in the exam hall or else you can be punished. You should not waste any time in writing just 1 question as time is short. However, you can go through subjects, like physics, biology, chemistry, history of the world, historical events of India for preparing for the part of general knowledge. You have to take your IDENTIFICATION card of the examination, Aadhar Card, PAN card in the examination hall.

Items you can take and avoid

The candidates for the NDA examination will need to take a black pen with them and not the gel pen in the examination center. Additionally, you can carry the clipboard, eraser, and H.B. pencil. Nevertheless, any candidate should not bring accessories incorporating a calculator, cell phone in the examination centers. Anyone is not permitted to bring notes, books, maps, log tables in the examination hall.


The person giving the NDA examination has to write the serial number of his test booklet and answer sheet. The individual has to put his signature properly in the right column next to your name. You will not get marks or negative marking for the questions that were left blank.

Take assistance

You can join a class in a coaching center before giving the NDA exam. The expert teachers would certainly give tips to candidates on how they can make their vocabulary better in English; learn new words by going through articles, newspaper web sites. The teachers can tell you what type of sums may come in distinct sections. You can check out the reviews of the students on the official website of the NDA coaching class and then take admission to the center.