Simplify Your MPSC Exam Preparation With These Best Tricks!

Are you planning to pursue your career in MPSC? Do you feel your hard work can confirm your selection in the MPSC UPSC exam? If yes, think twice.
Maharashtra Public Service Commission (Better known as MPSC) is the administrative body of the Maharashtra Government. It is bestowed with the authority to conduct the state’s civil service exam, employing staff members to diverse posts of the state government such as Deputy Collector Class I, District Inspector, to name a few. Therefore, from the posts that are endorsed to hire one can guess the difficulty level of the exam which goes with it.
Here, it becomes the major concern that one pays equal importance to the method used for MPSC preparation together with hard work and diligence.
All you need to know about MPSC
For the successful cracking of the MPSC exam, you must enroll into MPSC Coaching Class. What requires to be then outlined is the thorough understanding of the MPSC syllabus and examination pattern. In this effort, we have recommended the present simplified format of the exam. Like every time, this year too, the MPSC courses exams will be conducted in 3 stage levels.

Prelims/ Mains Interview
Preliminary Exam:
The prelims exam is an objective type, called as Multiple Choice Question exam. For every question there are four options, given to select from.

Paper 1

  1. The total marks assigned to this section are generally 200 marks. Every question entails 2 marks.
  2. There is a rule of negative marking. For each wrong answer, there has to be a subtraction of 2/3rd marks.

Paper 2

  1. It comprises of overall 80 questions. Every question carries 2 and half marks. Therefore, the total marks assigned to this paper are 200 marks.
  2. There is a rule of negative marking. For every wrong answer, there has to be a subtraction of 0.83 marks.

Main Exam:
In this exam, there are an overall 6 papers. It comprises of one compulsory Marathi, and another compulsory English language. Both the papers have objective type nature. Total marks assigned to both the papers are 100 marks each. Further, there are comprehensions and grammar that one can believe to get in these papers. The continuing 4 papers are based on general studies. All the 4 papers comprise of 150 marks each. Again, there is also a policy of negative marking. For every three wrong answers, there has to be a subtraction of 1 mark.

Paper 1: History, Geography, Agriculture
Paper 2: Indian Constitution and Indian Politics
Paper 3: Human Resources and Human Rights
Paper 4: Economy and Planning, Economics Of Development, Science and Technology.

Tips to simplify the study of MPSC Courses:
Following are few MPSC preparation tips that you can utilize to let your study process go smoothly.

  • Read exam guidelines carefully:
  • The exam notice covers a detailed volume of appropriate information. It is usually related to the examination date, eligibility benchmarks, job openings, and well-updated syllabus. This allows you to get a vision about the exam and know it inside out.

  • Follow the exam pattern:
  • The best thing is to enroll into MPSC Coaching Classes. Reading exam instructions carefully and in detail helps the aspirant to set the methodology of his preparation. Knowing particulars like the marking scheme, topic relevance, time allocated etc. endows an insight how to prepare and what to precisely study.

  • Clearing MPSC study concepts:
  • Understanding the fundamentals is the key towards the successful cracking of the exam. To attain this, you can take help of any reputed MPSC Academy and solve fundamental questions on the topics. This will help you clearing up.

  • Time Management:
  • Dividing time in agreement with the relevance of the topics is important step towards successful learning. Set proper goals and improve your learning through small preparation tests from MPSC Classes in regular phases. This will with time help you become ‘exam ready’.