Tips to prepare for GK to qualify NDA Exam.

NDA is one of the most prestigious professions in India. Many students work hard at least to give an attempt in NDA exam after completing 10th and 12th. However, getting entry into NDA is too tough but you should not lose hope until you attempt it. You can get entry into the Indian Army, Navy or Airforce after passing the NDA exam. The best option to pass the NDA exam with good marks is by joining NDA coaching classes.

First of all, you should be familiar with the syllabus of NDA exam which consists of Mathematics, English, GK etc. Out of all these subjects, General Knowledge has a vast portion to cover for NDA exam. There are endless questions to learn in Gk. Many students have the trouble of forgetting the topics they have learned. The best way to overcome this situation is to discuss the topics you have learned with your other friends who are going to attempt. Make sure that you revise the topics at least twice a week. In this way, you will always remember the learned topics.

If we talk about preparation for GK, the best way for it is to read the newspaper. Reading the newspaper will help you to know the latest updates around the world. GK is a very important aspect of NDA preparation. You can score well in NDA exam if you have done enough study with the preparation of GK. If you have good command in GK then you will be able to perform absolutely well not only in NDA exam but also in other competitive exams as well because most of the these exams have this section included in the question paper.

Below are few useful tips to follow for GK preparation-
Learn time-management
As we all know that time management is necessary for an exam and is similarly important for NDA exam. You can’t take much time to solve a specific section of the question paper. Firstly, understand the pattern of question paper i.e. how many questions it consists, the total number of questions and total marks. After collecting the information distribute the total into each section of the question paper. Now practice tackling your time to solve a particular section in the given timeframe. Practice as many times as you can then only you will be able to manage time in NDA exam.

Improve accuracy
Accuracy is another important aspect of NDA exam. The faculty at NDA coaching are experienced enough and they know how much important it is to maintain the accuracy in NDA exam. Hence they will guide you on how to achieve accuracy in the exam. If you fail to maintain the accuracy, it is going to affect your performance directly which will ultimately affect your marks scored in NDA exam.

Learn simple techniques to solve questions
To score good marks in exams, especially for NDA exam it is very necessary that you learn simple and easy techniques to get the answers for a question. If you get stuck in solving a specific question by following a lengthy method then it is going to kill most of the time from the entire schedule of the exam. Hence, it is very important that you focus on learning easy methods of solving questions of Mathematics and reasoning etc.

Specialized teaching methods
You can’t measure all the students in one parameter. Each and every student has his own level of grasping power and learning ability. It is very important that you get training as per your requirement. If you are weak in Mathematics, more preference should be given to Mathematics and similarly for the other subjects like English, GK, and other relevant subjects. Focus on enhancing your weaker areas to score good marks.