Tips to score good marks in the Territorial Army Examination

The Territorial Army releases employment notices every year and conducts an assessment to select the well-equipped civilians in its army. Being a part of the Territorial Army is certainly a matter of great pride and in order to bea proud member, you will have to actually try hard. If you are going to appear for the upcoming Territorial Army exam, then the following tips can prove to be a boon to you as well as help you secure really great marks in your examination.

1. Study structure: Don’t directly jump into studying for the sake of finishing your syllabus. Having a proper strategy is surely going to help you,even if you are not able to cover all the topics. The best strategy might be to review the examination pattern, negative marking system, qualification criteria, and every related detail’s to the exam. In this way, you will be able to have knowledge about the upcoming examination pattern and marks allocation. You can commence your preparation accordingly. Pay more attention to the area where you think you can score higher and have a look at the previous year papers without fail.

2.Avoid questions you are not sure of: There is a negative marking system for each wrongly answered question. Half marks will be reduced for each wrong answer i.e. if a question is of 1 marks, a wrong answer for the same will land you with negative marking of 0.5. So it is a better option to skip questions you are not sure of. Guesswork is not at all going to work over here.

3.Read the newspaper regularly: The general knowledge part will have direct questions and if you know the answer, you can secure really good marks without wasting too much time. The time you save in this part can be utilized further in other sections like on elementary mathematics. Newspapers are a good source of information and knowledge about present scenarios, so you can expect to get many questions in common under this part.

4.Don’t waste much time on a particular question: This is one of the biggest mistakes that several people do in their examination. There are hundred MCQ questions in each of the two papers and the time allocated for both the papers is 2 hours particularly. If you spend more time on a single question then there are chances you will be unable to complete your whole paper, which will surely affect your results.

5.Solve minimum 5-6 previous years question paper: After finishing your syllabus on time, ensure that you solve at least 5-6 previous years Territorial Army examination papers. This way, you will be more familiar with the exam pattern and you will be able to solve your paper withmore ease and efficiency and within the allocated time.

Besides the above-mentioned 5 tips, you can also take guidance from your acquaintances who have before appeared for the examination. In case, you don’t know any such person, seek assistance and tips from your teachers. These points may sound hardly important, but in reality, these points have the power to change your whole results.