Top 4 Reasons to Join Civil Services in India

There are certain benefits in the civil services, which you won’t get in any other profession. It is on you to either pay attention to the positive side of the civil services or towards the negative side. There are still many reasons to join civil services in India even with all the liberalization and globalization.

1. Power
A civil servant is the perfect example of state power. An individual is not a government servant but the government itself. The laws might be passed by the Parliament, but can only be executed via civil servants. Being an IRS officer, they sign so many credentials on behalf of President of India. Remember that an individual exercise the power of the Government in India pertaining to the department. The law breakers don’t feel like messing with you whereas the law abiders look at you for focusing on the law breakers. You have the original powers to put into practice the rule of law in the country. Only the moment you fail, other people come into picture.

2. Proper Salaries as well as Admirable Perks
The salaries of the government officers have now been very decent in recent years. Apart from the salaries, the officers also receive free house, medical, car, phone, Children Education Allowance, Leave Travel Concession and pension. Many of the allowances are tax free.  An individual need to have at least Rs 50 lakhs of CTC, to enjoy the similar kind of lifestyle in corporate. 

3. Job Security and Political Interference
If it’s a private sector job, an individual can be removed with just one day notice. A person is always at the mercy of the company as well as its top bosses. The service circumstances of civil servants are determined by the Parliament and can’t be changed to his disadvantage. Their service is secured by Article 311 of the Indian Constitution according to which, he can’t be removed from service without an enquiry where he would be given a chance to defend himself. He also has the choice to step into the courts, in case he has been treated wrongly. The endorsement of a civil servant is not in the hands of politician that is either in time bound manner or based on seniority. No one has to fear about anyone, if you are on the correct side of the law.

4. Prestige
Opposite to known perception in urban India and media, the civil servants are greatly respected by the people of India. It is for this reason that they serve the public like no one else. Moreover, their selection process has been transparent as well as fair. UPSC had forever been above board for selection of candidates for top services. A PM/CM can make any person a Cabinet Minister, Supreme Court Collegiums can make any person a High Court or Supreme Court Judge; and any person can be appointed as the CEO/CMD of a company but nobody can make an individual as an IAS, IPS or IRS officer except your own merit. That’s why; people of India are quite sure about the ability of a civil servant. When an individual becomes a part of any function of an organization, its prestige rises up and you become the central point of the function and receives all the attention.

It can turn out to be a good idea to join civil services like IAS, IFS, IPS,IRS or like, if you accept the value of the good things that government services have to provide. Nevertheless, no one gets free lunch in this world. So there is a price to be paid for receiving the good things.