Top Tips To Clear An IAS Interview

The IAS Interview is the ultimate phase of selection process for UPSC IAS exam and is conducted to analyze the personality of the candidate. A student has to clear both the prelims and main IAS mains exam, after studying a huge IAS Syllabus, prior to meeting the requirements for an IAS interview. Here, in this blog, Study Campus will tell you some vital details around ways to crack IAS interview. If you have queries like, how to prepare for an IAS interview; what type of questions are asked during an IAS interview; this article will be an answer to all such questions listed in your mind.

To begin with, the final rank list is made ready by taking the total of IAS mains marks and IAS interview marks. Even if a candidate scores near the cut-off in the Written IAS Exam, much often we observe that IAS interview high-scorers lead the final selection list also. Questions are generally put forwards randomly from any field, whether it is from academic or non-academic.

The most essential key tips to crack IAS interview are
1. working on transparency of expression,
2. hold of narrative and argument,
3. cognitive ability,
4. appreciation of diverse points of view,
5. awareness and apprehension for socio-economic problems,
6. range and profundity of interests
7. personal attributes pertinent to interaction with people.

IAS Interview Preparation
It is very significant to prepare for the IAS interview from day one and not delay until the results of the IAS entrance exam. Main tips for IAS interview preparation comprises of:

  • Refining your personality meticulously, boosting command over the language, paying attention to debates and contemporary affairs.
  • IPSC Preparation panel may ask questions from your optional subject and therefore a tip for UPSC interview will be to revise recent happenings connected to the subject and eye-scanning your graduation books.
  • Another vital tip for IAS interview is reading IAS books and newspapers consistently to be more aware of the imperative things happening around the globe. Read the editorial section wisely and try to make a view of your own about a topic.
  • Questions might also be asked about your private background; hence it is wise to collect details about your place of birth, knowing the difficulties in your village or city along with potential solutions for the same.

There are a lot of questions in an IAS interview to understand a candidate’s mental attentiveness since it is a pre-requisite for the civil services and thus sometimes panel members ask questions that can be answered just by means of common sense.

Personality Development
The most crucial tip for an IAS interview will be to try to identify the different aspects of your personality. If any of your personality traits doesn’t suit an IAS officer, try to say goodbye to that weakness. First impression matters a lot in the IAS interview and therefore don’t be too casual on thoughtful questions. A positive attitude, an attentive mind, quick responses, good decision making skills, the aptitude to work under stress and to handle any challenging situation are the crucial tips for the interview. Strengthen your spoken words through your body language. Avoid gestures which do not match the occasion. Don’t try to present before the panel with a fake personality.

Facing the IAS Interview questions:
Most of the questions in an IAS interview will be based on the biodata of the candidate. Never produce fake facts in your bio-data since it will ultimately be obvious. Prepare well for probable questions based on personal and professional experience and make sure bestowing balanced and unbiased views, devoid of any political or social biases.
We’ve observed that, most IAS aspirants fail to give the necessary attention to their IAS interview preparation and enrolling into best IAS Coaching Classes; we hope that with such tips for facing the IAS interview, you would be able to crack your interview with success.