Top Ways To Prepare For UPSC Exam During Covid-19 Lockdown

  1. To Plan and Execute Is The Need Of The Hour

Planning is worth nothing if not executed well. And a good plan drafted today and consistently executed now is greater than a seamless plan you create tomorrow.

  1. Devotion, Discipline, and Uniformity: IAS Aspirant Is No Less Than A Warrior

The laborious, yet pleasing journey of a UPSC student is no less than that of a warrior who engages in preparations for his trial in the war- field which elects his fate. In this case, it is the UPSC examination. It is the devotion, uniformity, hard work entwined with discipline and the real-world strategy at any certain point of time in his/her preparation that will open the delightful gates of All India Services, that otherwise would remain shut for the students till the next year.

  1. The COVID-19 factor: Unforeseen, Uncalled For Intrusion

COVID-19 outbreak took place out of the blue, when the world least expected it. The global pandemic has had a bearing which is of harmful nature on the entire mankind without any kind of discrimination. The UPSC students are no exception. Right?! The study preparation now turns out to be more enormous for the reason that the past plans are to be deferred, and new amendment plans are to be drawn up. But with the fine strategy and an optimistic mindset, it would still be probable to defeat all the uncertainties and appear triumphant within that restricted amount of time, if we place our mental faculties to effectual use.

  1. Will the UPSC prelims 2020 be postponed? –Significance of remaining indifferent to rumourmongering 

Even before speaking about the strategy, it is of prime significance to steer clear from the constant rumours about the preliminary examination concerning its re-schedule.

Thus, it would be at your personal peril to believe that the exam will be postponed certainly. The benefit of the doubt, unquestionably, has been rendered to the delaying of the UPSC exam, however this endeavour of knowledge buildup must not come to a halt just based on possibilities. Mission mode preparation ought to be ensured, believing that the exam will still take place on the 31st of May.

  1. Pessimistic attitude Needs To Be Crushed and Relocate On Online Classes & Reliable Material

For individuals who think it’s not possible at this instant to resume their UPSC exam preparation, it would be accepting an initial defeat on their part for not even practicing from the available resources which include taking online UPSC coaching classes and revision modules from amongst the best UPSC coaching institutes in Thane and Mumbai. It is prominent to mention the UPSC coaching classes’ effort in giving its best in these challenging times. You may actually go ahead to the following:

  1. The contemporary affairs material accompanied by PIB summary
  2. The online UPSC coaching classes on the Indian economy, Politics, History, Geography as well as Environment.
  3. The highpoints of budget
  4. Wide-ranging information on the most significant topics
  5. Revision strategy
  6. Government schemes, etc..

Although there is an endless number of sources for nearly all the subjects, mere gathering of material aids no purpose. You have to allot enough time to go through the contents of the material and attempt to instill the same into your memory. This ensues only when the UPSC students manage to dedicate most parts of their day to studies.