What Makes Civil Services A Dream Career?

The Indian Civil Services is considered as one of the foremost services which makes the way for becoming an IPS, IAS or IFS officer. Civil Services provide an attractive as well as challenging career to the determined, the aspiring and the talented. The vast variety of jobs within the fold of the Civil Services have comparatively better sphere of authority as well as power than any other services in India.

The services include all one can desire for: prestige, salary package, job security, prospects of foreign tour, job satisfaction, etc.  Civil servants in a way choose the fate of the nation as the implementation of all developmental and other government policy rest with them. If people talk about prestige and status, then this is definitely esteemed job of India since it is a job which offers an opportunity to fulfill personal ambition as well as indulge in social welfare. The selection as civil servants is rigorous and only few are shortlisted out of hundreds and thousands of aspirants each year.

There is a strong sense of job security as its quiet hard to fire a civil servant. Once selected, a civil servant can work till he reaches the age of 60 and he might even get an extension. While salary package is taken into consideration, the 6th pay commission has given the salaries of the Civil Servants at par along those in the corporate sector. The facilities as well as amenities given to an officer are outstanding. A notable thing about civil services is that it offers a chance to contribute efficiently in the decision making process of country. The brilliant ones also get a chance to stand for the nation at world forums. An aspirant who wishes to participate closely in the process of building society and desires to bring about positive social change must surely try to clear the IAS examination. 

The candidates of Civil Services mainly go for the top three services such as- IAS, IPS and IFS. These services hold within their fold, the wide scope to use bestowed power to create social development. Moreover, these services are much hunted after as they are symbols of great power, affluence as well as social recognition.

IPS (Indian Police Service)
A position which all IPS officers yearn for is that of a superintendent of police, that are in charge for public safety as well as security, crime prevention and detention, law and order, traffic control etc. The IPS officers also provide their services to central police organizations namely- CBI, CRPF, BSF etc.

IAS (Indian Administrative Services)
IAS officers are more commonly called as the policy makers and executors. Moreover, they are allowed to sign agreements on behalf of government. When the aspirants perform at district level, they are called as district magistrates/collectors and are in charge for each and every affair of the district may it be law and order, development, disaster management or something else. At the secretariat position they carry out responsibilities as deputy secretary, principal secretary, joint secretary, secretary, cabinet secretary etc. IAS officers believe it to be a privilege to work as a district magistrate & principle secretaries to the Prime Minister or Chief Ministers of various states.

IFS (Indian Foreign Service)
IFS deal with the external affairs that includes diplomacy, trade as well as cultural relations. They are caught up in the framing as well as execution of foreign policy. The foremost post offered to an IFS officer is that of Ambassadors.

The analysis of the top three Civil Services shows why a career in the Indian Civil Services is a rage within the aspirants who wish to make their voices heard.