Here are a few tips offered by Study Campus IAS institute for the IAS candidates to crack civil services examination easily.

  1. BASIC KNOWLEDGE SHOULD BE PLENTIFUL – There must be a quality of basic knowledge on each particular subject especially in NCERT. Lots of questions are asked from particular subjects like current affairs, Indian history, Geographics, Ecology, Biodiversity, and Environment, thus they should be carefully prepared by an aspirant. Candidates have a tendency to show casual behavior, in prelims considering that the questions are objective-based, but the questions are perplexing and the purpose of giving such a question is to check the I.Q level of aspirants in detail, thus equal consideration should be given to preliminary exam.
  1. TAKE REVISION SEVERAL TIMES BEFORE EXAMS – Understand your weakness and strength in a particular subject and don`t let any stone unturned while doing revision. Give value to every topic and be ready in this manner that any question asked can be answered often without any hesitation.
  1. HARD COPY SHOULD BE MADE OF NOTES – Making of the notes plays an important role and consumes enough of time during exam periods. Notes recorded own handwriting assist to revise concepts regularly; so, it is a good idea to prepare notes specifically on topics which are challenging for the aspirant. Making notes also develops an image of the respective thing in a more helpful way
  1. CANDIDATE SHOULD SOLVE PREVIOUS YEAR EXAM PAPERS – Solving previous years’ paper develops up an image in the candidate mind about the asking pattern in UPSC examination also the possibility of answering the question with mistake become nil. Throughout the exam, time plays an important role therefore, solving up the exam paper gives a crystal clear idea for maintaining up the speed in the UPSC examination.
  1. HAVE AN APPROPRIATE SLEEP AND BE CONFIDENT – During exam periods candidates make a foolish mistake i.e. proper sleep. Sleep plays an important role, as it produces up new fresh body cell which helps the candidate in the thinking process and improve the confidence level and without confidence, success can’t be accomplished hence it is very crucial for every candidate to take a good sleep.