9 Last Minute Tips For NDA Exam

NDA exams are scheduled for two times in a year, one in April and another in September. The two NDA entrance exams are NDA I and NDA II which is in offline mode (written test). With the NDA entrance exam date drawing close, there must be a strong preparation going on with the ambitious candidates.

Brushing up the fundamentals of NDA Admission Exam, the test will be of 900 marks which is segregated into General Ability Test (600 marks) and Mathematics (300 marks). The candidates will be allocated a time of two and a half hours to complete the NDA examination since the questions will be of “objective” types.

The NDA exam syllabus: Paper 1 will have Mathematics: Algebra, Vector Algebra, Trigonometry, Matrices and Determinants, Statistics and Probability, Analytical Geometry Of 2 & 3 dimensions, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus and Differential Equations; whereas Paper 2 NDA syllabus will make assessment of your General Ability and English.

Hence, if you are all done with the preparations through self-study and NDA coaching classes for the big day, here are some tips to bear in consideration prior to going for NDA exam:

  • Do not panic, as it will make the situation even worse. Study your NDA India notes on the night prior to the exam as well as the morning.
  • Don’t try to dump into your mind with the points from NDA training book. Take enough rest – it will make your body feel active and ever ready for all the forthcoming tasks.
  • Eat healthy. A good, healthy meal will give you the vital energy to prepare for your examinations.
  • Have a good night’s sleep. A sleep is a must to wake up retaining all that you have studied.
  • Solve previous year exam papers in any of the best NDA Coaching Centre. Even if you are remaining with a little preparation to do, leave it and begin solving preceding year’s papers.
  • Be calm and do not take anxiety or pressurize yourself. What you have finished till now is enough. Do not begin new topic; just do revision of what you’ve prepared.
  • During the NDA entrance exam, you must not try leaving anything blank. There might only be 1 in 4 marks to drop if you got it incorrect. However considering you got at least one accurate in 4 guesses, you are neutral and if you got beyond 1 correct guess, than it’s in your favor. Try as tough as you can to make a smart guess.
  • Be calm and perform each task in a systematized manner.
  • Make arrangements for the big day – keep an extra pen with you, a hall ticket and loads of blessings.

Starting groundworks for the NDA exam at the last minute is a real worse idea. The wise decision to do now is to crack previous year’s papers as much as you can. And if you begin at the right time, you can easily solve enough papers to smoothly pass the exam.