Top 5 Tips To Clear NDA Entrance Exam

We all seek to construct best and fruitful career paths, don’t we? A successful career in Armed Forces of India is one such outstanding, much respected and much preferred career in India. Mainly, the post of a ‘Commissioned Officer’ is being envisaged of by number of Indian youth! But attaining this dream job is not that simple. To begin with, the total number of candidates is too high! Further, the fewer number of seats across several Defense-related Academies in India like IMA (Indian Military Academy), NDA (National Defense Academy), AFA (Air Force Academy) and NA (Naval Academy), you have to face cut-throat competition to grab your place in a respectable position.
Like any other foremost academic seat in India mentioned above, a candidate has to clear certain competitive written exams! Here, we will share some essential tips that’ll assist you in clearing the written examination part associated with NDA Entrance tests.

The NDA Exam is MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) styled pattern. Aspirants need to use OMR sheets to record their solutions. They have to choose the right answer from a set of alternatives given with each question.
The examination consist broadly of three major segments- Mathematics, English and GK. Let us understand some significant facts about these key sections:

Mathematics Section:
This section encompass of topics that you’ve studied in 12th standard like (if taken commerce stream) such as Algebra, Percentage, Permutations and Combinations, Profit and Loss, Trigonometry, Probability, Analytical Question, Ratio and Proportion etc.

English Section:
Here, it is all about examining your command over English language. Thus, you can expect questions connected to error spotting, synonyms and antonyms, article/essay writing, grammar related questions, comprehension etc.

General Knowledge Section:
The GK section covers range of topics that encompasses current affairs to science! Some of the basic topics are Indian history, World History and Important Events, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.
Now that we understood the blueprint and a range of different segments of the NDA Syllabus, let us emphasize on the tips and tricks that will facilitate you score the maximum marks.

1. Solving preceding years’ question papers will be of assistance

If you are really keen to pass the written exam and scoring well in it, you should solve as many question papers as you can. If you have enrolled into NDA coaching classes in Mumbai, you can easily get the required support in solving the papers. Till now, the trend has been that the blueprint of the written NDA India examination has not altered significantly over all these years.
Although the figures in various years’ question papers might be different, but the approach of the questions asked each year are the same! As the same styled questions are asked in the NDA exam, you won’t find much difficulty solving them! This is also a fine way to get the much-needed ‘exam practice’!

2. Buy NDA entrance exam guides

As mentioned earlier, solving question papers helps. But how would you understand topics that you discover on the question papers that you don’t know? In such situations, guide books which are personalized for NDA aspirants is very helpful!

One of the best guide books in the market is the one published by ‘Arihant Publication House’. It generally covers all the key topics connected with the written examination. Moreover, as an extra bonus, it also encompasses question papers from preceding years and various solutions to those papers too in it!

3. Study the shortcuts, especially for Mathematics

We all are aware that the mathematics part of the NDA exam is a bit challenging. The questions asked in it are logical and needs to be thoroughly worked upon to find the right solution. In most scenarios, NDA coaching centre helps the aspirants in getting hold of the shortcuts and other essentials. As long as you don’t understand the shortcut method, it will definitely take much time and efforts to get the right answer. This over and over again results in waste of time and crucial marks!
Learning the shortcut methods with the help of guide book will help you save precious time. This will sooner or later help you attend all the questions asked in the NDA exam paper.